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JUPITER RACING Techology is specialized in fabrication, export and mail-order of selected high-performance & competition parts for all FIAT and related SOHC (single-over-head-camshaft) equipped cars.
Our long competition experience using this type of engine (FIAT Single OverHead Camshaft) has given us considerable amount of knowledge, tools and practical hints as to be able to produce serious high performance components, as well as chassis components for related cars.
We are open to enquiries of any kind, both for mild to serious fast-road applications as well as various solutions for hillclimb, rally or circuit racing use.

Our range of products covers many parts, with special attention and choice within the following parts:

-Complete race engines
-Special engine components
>high-spec. heads
>light valves
>camshafts PITTATORE, CATCAMS + adj. pulleys
>sets of power drive-pulleys
>h/d valve springs
>bronze & phosphor-iron guides
>steel & titanium retainers
>steel followers (std. & without shims)
>special chamber designs
>special port designs
>special DCOE/DHLA intake headers (ALQUATI design)
>balanced con-rods sets
>balanced + lightened crankshaft + flywheel units
>stroker cranks (for up to 1,602 cc engine capacity)
>special exhaust headers

-High performance cerametallic clutches
-Reinforced close-ratio gearboxes (with or w/o LSD)
-Close ratio gearsets, reinforced
-Short end-ratio differential sets (FD sets)
-Limited-Slip Differentials Made in Italy
-Uprated brake parts & kits
-Reinforced suspension parts
-Rose-jointed suspension parts
-Other related motorsport and high-perf. components


for the following cars:

- FIAT X1/9 all types
- FIAT UNO 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.5
- FIAT TIPO 1.4 / 1.6
- FIAT 128 all types
- YUGO all types
- ZASTAVA all types (Koral, Skala, 128, Florida)
- LANCIA Y 10 all types (SOHC)
- TOFAS DOGAN all types
- PEUGEOT XU engines all types
- CITROEN XU engines all types

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Kolben Geschmiedete Geschmiedene Kolben FIAT alquati pittatore catcams ferraris colotti iniezione schieber slidethrottle barrelthrottle barrel-type injection roller-barrel throttle-body throttlebodies throttlebody throttle-bodies TBs DCOEs DHLA DVLA Dellorto Weber doppio corpo twin DCOE 2xDCOE revs rev limit torque power delivery rpm range shiftpoint specific power valve guides colsibro berillium titanium alloys titanium valves Yugo Lancia tuning Fiat SOHC Fiat monoalbero bialbero Cinquecento Ritmo Tipo Strada Uno UNO Fiat Uno Zastava Koral Fiat 127 A-112 Autobianchi ammortizzatori stradale elaborazioni elaborare Panda Seicento Punto Bravo Brava 184A.000 128A.000 138A.000 148A.000 motori FIAT engines heads cylinder heads motorkopf zylinderkopf travaux soupapes grands culasse competition injection allumage arbre a cammes villebrequins allegerees FIAT competizione salita rallycross rallye pista rundstreckenrennen bergrennen bergcup rally sportfahren italian cars italian vehicles vetturi italiani vetture da corsa corsaiolo freemasons freimaurer francmacons Ferrari Alfa passione FIAT Fiat racing racing a Fiat Uno Challenge Fiat race series Silverstone Castle Combe Peugeot Citroen XU power XU tuning XU modifications XU racing XU rallye XU hillclimbing XU engines XU J4 XU9-J4 XU5-J4 205 405 309 306 605 ZX BX XM Xantia tuning Zastava racing Zastava trkacki automobili trkacki auto trke krug brdo trki sampionat championship slicks tarmac grooved magnesium berillium REPSOL repsol RedLine trkacki koli brzina obrtaji obrtni momenat snaga sila sustezatelen pista oboroti kone teglo minimalno pistovo planinsko koli begachki begacki sustezatelen dvigatel
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JUPITER Jupitter Juppiter Yupiter Sime Graovski lepota lezbijke lesbian kissing lepotice beauties celebs sex ebenje yugo 1150 vodno ponikva amsm sampionat pole position staza skopje krug kicevo pista sofia plovdiv drakona Drakona rally bulgaria Kraljevo Beranovac Usce Miseluk Avala vacuum razvodnik dizzy distributor Fiat spark plugs racing platinum iridium foam filter camshaft buckets ressort soupapes renforts performance Kurbelwellen Fiat 67.4 63.9 55.5 conrods balanced polished lightened bottom-end flywheel fidanza steel alloy titanium power pulleys pulleggie titanio aluminio alu potenza coppia modificata baffa dry sump carter huile oelsumpf trockensumpf schmierung desmodromic desmo Ducati Bimota Italodisco Dino Dvornik Funk Fiat Coupe Dino Spyder 850 600d 500 850 sport coupe 20v Panda 900cc 899cc 1116cc 124 131 monoalbero 131 mirafiori Delta Deltona Prisma Tofas Innocenti Koral autobianchi Matra Murena XU Dogan Sahin HAK Sport motorsport edge times special stage reliability run-in break-in suction rod-to-stroke rod/stroke rod length stroke ratio bore stroke ratio alloy block stiffness liners pins wristpins wristpin height deck height dialling in deck protrusion liner protrusion piston protrusion squish height squish band compression CR static ratio compression blueprinting blue-printing tolerances re-bore honing torqueing torquewrench italian engines Lampredi Aurelio Giacosa Dante Enzo Ferrari Tazio Nuvolari Alberto Ascari Kragujevac Torino Lingotto Fire engine sedicivalvole D6C DFW DKZ B2